Children's Sleep Disorders

Treating a child’s sleep problems requires both expertise in sleep disorders, and special experience in considering the special needs of children. Sleep disorders are a common but often unseen problem, affecting as many as 25% of children and adolescents. 

Sleep disorders in children may lead to daytime moodiness, irritability, lack of focus in class, sleepiness in school, inability to get up in time for school, and significant behavioral and learning problems. Problems with a child’s sleep can also disrupt your entire family's life.

Some sleep disorders are serious enough to cause adverse cardiovascular and metabolic effects as well as
failure to thrive.

We offer consultation, treatment and follow-up on a full range of pediatric sleep disorders, including problems such as snoring, obstructive sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, circadian rhythm disorders — including delayed sleep — and behavioral sleep problems such as difficulty falling asleep and frequent night waking.

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